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The Benefits of Coaching

We believe everyone passes through life with a suitcase.

In this suitcase are your skills, experience, knowledge, qualifications and your innate gifts and talents; we make our way through life using and selling the contents of our suitcase.

But through daily usage the suitcase becomes untidy; we cannot find the things that we know are in there somewhere. It seems too full of things we don’t use anymore; and no matter how long we rummage through it we cannot find the thing we must use in the next 60 seconds. Because if we can not we will look foolish, get it wrong or the worst of all crimes, not keep a promise made.

Eventually it comes to us all that it would be a good idea to audit the contents of the suitcase; preferably for the journey about to be made; rather than the one traveled already. If the journey is into new and uncharted territory, history has shown there are a lot of benefits in hiring a guide to show you the safest and shortest route; preferably someone who has made the journey before. They are also the best people to help you check out your suitcase.

New learning, and the development of skills, can be acquired by individuals in a multitude of different ways; through structured courses and workshops, informal or formal on the job learning, self teaching, etc etc, or by one to one bespoke support.

We all have different needs and wants, different communication styles, different expectations. We all generally feel a little exposed or vulnerable when talking about things we know we should be better at.  Mass learning with groups of people doesn’t work all the time for all the people.

If people are to be the best they can be, experience has shown that time spent with  another individual, someone they trust and respect, often creates the most comfortable and cost effective solution for the coachee and their organisation.

The benefits for the individual seem be:-

As a consequence the organisation benefits because:-

BulletSoftware as a tool that illuminates team leader performance. With consistent, regular recorded reviews, carried out by all team leaders in the Organisation; one2onetracker clearly evidences who might need coaching and additional support.