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Broxburn Drive

Steering in the right direction

The Broxburn Drive Philosophy


We are all in this together, and everyone should accept personal responsibility for their actions, and interactions with others.
You can only be as good as I help you to be;
and I can only be as good as you help me to be
and we both have the choice of helping ….or not helping each other.
Common Sense is not common.

Natural Shape

The natural shape of people is to care, and to do good work. 
It is surely everyone's job to help others to be the best that they can be. For many the workplace is where their sense of worth is validated most frequently….or challenged. For most people the horror they fear is getting it wrong, letting people down or looking foolish. These three instruments are on their personal control panel, and until they are all green they can not commit.


Following, Trust, Respect and Loyalty are gifts, and cannot be commanded.
There are many fluent speakers on this planet but what our species has learnt over 100,000 years of listening is words are sometimes cheap; in the end you have to show me…….stop talking: show me. If you do what you say you are going to do; if you show me respect and trust I will follow.


Leadership is defined by the act of following; which is invariably a consequence of feeling safe, secure, valued, and involved and above all, being developed. People follow people who they feel keep them well equipped for the future journey.


Positive achievement is invariably a consequence of doing the right thing.
Doing the wrong thing the right way; choosing the wrong priority and doing it efficiently is not the right thing.
Unconditional positive regard significantly impacts on performance.

Seeing the wood for the trees

Life is not easy, but the most complex problems can be broken down into simple components, and solved singly.

Flying in formation

Endeavour by teams is best served by having a common purpose
and common values.
The extent of the combination of skills, behaviours and attitudes determines
the distance successfully travelled.

The Drive

You can only improve by doing things differently.
It is never true to say ‘there is nothing I can do’,
if you have the drive.