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Hi and thanks for dropping in and checking out what we do,  its simple but not easy; We improve Organisational Performance by Improving Individual Performance, with focus on the behaviours and attitudes, relationships, skill sets, leadership and the management competence of individuals.

Coaching for Higher Performance is a well recognised way of unlocking the existing gifts and skills of individuals that are yet to display their full potential. 

We believe everyone passes through life with a suitcase.

In this suitcase are your skills, experience, knowledge, qualifications and your innate gifts and talents; we make our way through life using and selling the contents of our suitcase. From time to time we all need help to sort out our suitcase.
Our coaching and mentoring program is delivered by people who have the listening skills and emotional intelligence to support all levels of management; from CEO to First Line Managers. Our Executive Coaching of Board and Senior Managers interventions are delivered from a foundation of over 30 years Chief Executive and Consultancy experience.

We have learned that successful coaching is a consequence of a candidate understanding the level of personal commitment essential to benefit from one2one support; and the preparation necessary to making progress.
We have assembled a package that is a blend of face to face meetings and structured phone calls, with an agenda, which provide excellent value; particularly with web based video

Our Consultancy service provides solution grounded in our senior management experience of organisational strategic planning, business integration, culture change, and business improvement initiatives. For example

We have examples of our whole business initiatives to improve productivity, a partnering program that reduced traditional adversarial relationships; and a business intergration programme combining nine operating units into 'one business' dramatically improved customer service.

By combining our knowledge and experience we can help:

  • Analyse current situations.
  • Draw best practice from other business sectors.
  • Design and recommend solutions that are appropriate to your specific challenge.
  • Facilitate and support your teams through the project with a range tools and materials like our 4 levers of the Apocalypse briefing.

Meetings that fail are a continuous, but avoidable drain on scarce resources; good people, time and cash.

Third party Facilitation of potentially tricky meetings will often deliver the desired outcomes at a lower cost.
History shows that some meetings are more challenging than others in delivering their expected outcomes. These events can range from small numbers of very strong minded characters seeking to find a way through conflicting opinions; to a large numbers of managers meeting to determine actions through discussion, feedback, and consensus.

Third party facilitation dramatically improves the value of these very expensive investments of organisational time and cost. We will help support and develop a structure of preparations for these meetings; assist in bringing clarity of desired outcomes, and ensure participation, pace and summation of agreed actions for the record.
What gets recorded gets measured: what gets measured gets managed.

After 40+ years of Business Leadership and Consulting I have concluded that the only (there are two for emphasis) thing that matters in any human endeavour is the people… because to paraphrase an American President… It’s the People Stupid.
So we wrote a server based, and then Cloud version of an Objective setting and Engagement program for our clients; and are now rolling it out throughout the UK with our Partner Network.

Bulletone2onetracker is a Cloud based Progress and Performance Evaluation tool. It will track and evidence personal, team and organisational progress and performance against agreed objectives.

one2onetracker provides a framework to support regular one2one meetings that review both operational progress and personal performance simultaneously; creating a habit, not an annual, or irregular, appraisal event. A specialist tool designed as an addition to existing HR systems.

All of our services flow from our philosophy and our final outcome framework which helps address everyday issues and situations, and to offer a way forward.

Life is simple, but it is just not easy.

Contact us now and we will bring a torch that may light the way ahead.

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